Leadership Endurance Prudential Mutual Sharing Multicast Routing

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Designing of a multicast routing protocol for MANETs faces several challenges. Among them Group membership management, the characteristics like scalable and robustness poses several cumbersome problem in extracting better performance of multicast protocols. Here we propose a MSRDMP protocol for mobile ad hoc networks by which reliability and robustness is achieved through mutual sharing of works among the members of the group. In this approach mutual alert message is created using a signal to noise ratio and global position system which result in efficient group membership management. Datagram packet is appended with the distance with which Group leader is connected with virtual reference point. We enhanced CSMA/CA mechanism to recover the lost data. The node which has lost the data packet invokes the interim CTS request. Leadership Track Node (LTN) is one among the multicast group which takes care of lost packet on responding interim CTS request. The simulation result compared to existing protocols RSGM and ODMRP shows that  optimal control overhead, high degree of packet delivery ratio and moderately constant end-to-end delay and average path length under varying  moving speed ,group size and number of groups.
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Interim CTS; GPS; MANETS; Multicast Routing; Leadership Track Node; MSRDMP

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