An End-to-End Code Generation from UML Diagrams to MVC2 Web Applications

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Code generation isn't a new concept. It's been around for a while and has been gaining popularity with the model-driven development (MDD) movement as a way to increase productivity. In this paper, we experience a high level technique method based on JET2 to generate the code of an e-commerce web application which is a PC online shopping. This technique is based on the combination of the UML class diagram and the UML activity diagram. In the algorithm of transformation, we consider only the operations belong to the two diagrams already combined. Practically, we transform only the operations that have an activity diagram and belong to the class diagram. In this technique method, we begin by written the transformation rules in ATL transformation language in order to generate the MVC2 web model. In The second step, we use the generated model as an input file of JET2 to generate the code of the e-commerce web application. Also, it presents a case study to illustrate this proposal.
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MDA; ATL Transformation; MVC2 Web; E-Commerce; PIM; PSM; Metamodel; Code Generation

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