A New Enterprise Integration-Based Framework for Enterprise Physical Mashup

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In the Web of Things, devices of daily life are empowered through a web-enabling process to become integrable with computer network. These devices – called smart objects – are becoming very useful both in enterprises and in simple users daily life; in fact, they provide easy access to useful services and can collaborate with each other to build a collective intelligence capable of performing  routine but very important tasks. In some critical situations, the smart objects collaborations need to be built by end users themselves in order to respond quickly to any new situational need. These collaborations can be simple or can consist of sophisticated and advanced use cases, which we call in this paper: the Enterprise Physical Mashups (EPMs). Existing work do not provide solutions for end user development of advanced use cases while addressing the requirements of a physical world. In this paper, we try to formalize the services composition aspect in the Enterprise Physical Mashup development by proposing a new rich integration language based on the advanced Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIPS). We also introduce new key concepts for an intuitive and self-explanatory methodology for end users physical services integration. Through these contributions, we give the promise of achieving efficient enterprise-class physical services integration.
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Physical Mashup; End User Development; Services Composition; Enterprise Integration Patterns; End User Satisfaction; Usability; Intuitiveness

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