Virtualization Techniques for Mobile Devices

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In current mobile system environment there is a huge gap between the personal smart phone and the enterprise smart phone due to the issues related to security, enterprise policies and freedom of use. In the current environment, data-plans on mobile systems have become so prevalent that the rate of adaptation of data plan for the current customers has far outpaced the ability to add new consumers for the mobile service providers. Most of the enterprises require/provide the access of emails and other official information on smart platforms. This presents a big challenge for enterprise in securing their systems. Therefore due to the security issues and policies imposed by the enterprise in using the same device for dual purpose (personal and enterprise), the consumers often lose their individual freedom and convenience at the cost of security. To address this challenge, few solutions have been presented. One effective way is to partition the mobile device such that the enterprise system access and its information are completely separated from the personal information. This paper discusses and presents such approaches for mobile information partition in order to create a secured and secluded environment for enterprise information while allowing the user access to their personal information.
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Mobile; Container; Virtualization; Hybrid; Security

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