Efficient Image Compression Algorithm Using Modified IWT and SPIHT for CMOS Image Sensor

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Image retargeting is a vital requirement for the CMOS image sensor based applications at the user end. Many of the existing techniques are basically content based image retargeting which has high computational complexity and is not suitable for CMOS image sensors. For avoiding this practical hurdles, we addresses the increasing demand of visual signal delivery to terminals with arbitrary resolutions without heavy computational burden to the receiving end by incorporating the principle of seam carving  into a wavelet codec. For each input image, block-based seam energy map is generated in the pixel domain and the integer wavelet transform is performed on the retargeted image. Unlike the conventional wavelet-based coding schemes, IWT coefficients are grouped and encoded according to the resultant seam energy map and bit streams are transmitted in energy descending order. In decoder, the end user has the ultimate choice for the spatial scalability without the need to examine the visual content and the image with arbitrary aspect ratio can be reconstructed.
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Integer Wavelet Transform; Reverse Lifting; Seam Carving; SPIHT

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