Adaptive Cluster-Based Location Monitoring Technique for Query Processing in Mobile Computing Environment

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In mobile computing environment, as the object locations keep changing due to mobility, it is difficult to track their position. Also as the data sources are in motion, gathering information about the existing data sources is complicated. Owing to these highly mobile scenarios, most of the existing query processing techniques are not sufficient. In order to overcome these issues, in this paper, we propose an adaptive cluster based location monitoring technique for query processing in mobile computing environment. In this technique, the object with minimum weight is chosen as cluster head (CH) which is estimated based on the parameters such as object distance, speed and mobility factor. When any object moves out of its current cluster, its location is updated using location update technique based on the location constraints. An adaptive location monitoring and updation technique is used to monitor and update objects locations dynamically. By simulation results we show that the proposed technique is more efficient scheme for location updation.
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Mobile Computing Environment; Location Monitoring; Query Processing; Cluster Head (CH)

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