Distributed Relay Node Selection and Assignment Technique for Cooperative Wireless Networks

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In cooperative wireless networks, the relay selection and communication greatly depends on three factors namely Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR), channel capacity and bandwidth. Most of the existing works have employed the solution considering any one of the above issues. However, handling three factors at a hand will offer an efficient solution for relay selection and communication. Further, many works have considered either relay node selection or relay node assignment and not both at the same time. In order to provide meet these requirements, in this paper, we put forward a distributed relay node selection and assignment technique for cooperative wireless networks. The technique selects a set of reliable relays considering SNR, channel capacity and available bandwidth. Once, reliable relays are established, cooperative relay (CR) is assigned using Capacity-flow-ratio (CFR), which is the ratio of node capacity to overlapping sessions. Relay nodes with minimum CFR are assigned initially. Further, we exploit Decode-and-Forward (DF) method as a channel coding scheme. The proposed technique is simulated in MAT lab. Simulation results demonstrate the efficiency of our technique
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Node Selection; Cooperative Wireless Networks; Cooperative Relay; CFR; DF

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