An Optimal Cluster Head Selection Technique Adopted Node Activation Protocol for Lifetime Improvement in Wireless Sensor Networks

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Recent communications in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have much new energy efficient protocols specifically designed, where energy awareness is an essential consideration. In WSNs large numbers of tiny sensor nodes are used as an effective way of data gathering in various environments.
Since the sensor nodes operate on battery of limited power, it is a great challenging aim to design an energy efficient routing protocol which can minimize the delay while offering high-energy efficiency and long span of network lifetime. LEACH (Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy) is one of the clustering key routing techniques used to reduce energy consumption. In this paper, we propose the work in MAC (Medium Access Control) layer, an energy efficient optimal head selection technique adopted node scheduling algorithm for clusters and rotating cluster head positions to evenly distribute the energy load among all the nodes by node scheduling concept of node active and sleep system in both homogeneous method to get energy saving result. Our proposed model yield better performance in energy savings and increased network lifetime. This optimal head selection technique adopted node scheduling scheme is properly implemented and simulation results show that our proposed model is giving improved energy efficiency and prolong the lifetime of WSNs.

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Wireless Sensor Networks; LEACH; Clustering; Optimal Head Selection Technique; Node Scheduling; Network Lifetime; Homogeneous System

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