Hybrid Approach for Energy Optimization in Wireless Sensor Networks Using ABC and Firefly Algorithms

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Wireless sensor networks are made up of sensor nodes which are usually battery operated devices; hence the energy saving of sensor nodes is a major design issue. The life time of the network is the issue which affects the network, hence the energy optimization is required to increase the networks life time and improve the performance of network. Optimization algorithms are one of the best ways for energy optimization in wireless sensor networks (WSN). The objective of this paper is to analyze the life time and residual energy of the network based on optimization algorithms. Clustering is one of the best approaches used in many of the WSN routing algorithms where the appropriate cluster head to be selected for energy optimization. The proposed energy optimization algorithms are firefly and hybrid which is seen to provide better performance than traditional algorithm like direct transmission and LEACH (Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy)protocols. The hybrid algorithm is formed by combining the Artificial Bee colony ABC and firefly optimization algorithm. The proposed technique improves the life time of the network, residual energy and throughput of the wireless sensor network.
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Clustering; Firefly Algorithm; Energy Optimization; Hybrid

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