RSW Algorithm for TCP Dynamic Retransmission Timeout

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TCP transmission is mostly governed by Re–Transmission Timeout (RTO) values of each segment sent across the network. It is found that the fairness in the RTO is more need on effective management of the TCP. Most of the model calculates the RTO based on the Round Trip Time (RTT), which is the critical parameter in determining the behaviors of TCP. The RTO lacks in reflecting network foot prints. This paper presents algorithm which improves RTO, considering the network foot print for each segment sent across the network. Algorithm uses 3–way connection establishments RTT of TCP as the primary value to fine-tune the RTO. Using this RTT as base value and Advertise Window value of the receiver it calculates the rate of change of throughput as function of time to fix the RTO. The experiment has being simulated through OPNET.
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TCP; Dynamic Retransmission Timeouts; Round Trip Time; Advertise Window Size; Outstanding Packet Rate; OPNET

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