Fuzzy Based Trust and Reputation Model for Secure Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing

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The main objective of this research work is to design and develop a Fuzzy Logic based trust and reputation model for secure resource allocation in cloud computing. The cloud computing is one of the major topics discussed among the IT professionals in recent days. In this paper trust manager and reputation manager based approach is used to update the security. Initially, the user access a resource block through the scheduling manager and a form will send to the user after accessing the resource block to fill the attribute values of trust factor and reputation factor. The trust factor and reputation value is then calculated for the resource center and it is given to the Fuzzy Logic system to get the security score of a resource center. The benefit of our proposed technique is to provide the security controls in accessing the cloud resources from cloud computing due to various security issues happened in networks, databases, resource scheduling, transaction management and load balancing.
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Trust Factor; Reputation Factor; Fuzzy Logic System; Security Score; Resource Center

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