Distributed Multi-Hop Reservation Protocol for Wireless Personal Area Ultra-Wideband Networks

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With the capability of supporting very high data rate services in a short range, UWB technology is appealing to multimedia applications in future WPANs and broadband home networks. However, the coverage radius of UWB system is very short, and single-hop transmission may not be adequate for very high-data-rate WPAN. Therefore, multi-hop ad hoc WPAN is considered to extend the UWB radio coverage. The multi-hop network is considered for larger network coverage. The advantage of a multi-hop network is obvious since it can extend the network coverage without increasing transmitting power or receiver sensitivity. Nevertheless, for the multihop, delay is the major issue need to tackle in a competent way.  In this paper, we proposed a new distributed multihop reservation protocol (DMRP) for video traffic in WPAN UWB networks. The proposed scheme is a contention free chancel access method as it utilizes guaranteed MAS reservation to provide QoS support especially in terms of end to end delay. Numerical analysis is used to evaluate the performance of the protocol in terms of end-to-end transmission delay.
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Ultra-Wideband; Distributed Reservation Protocol; Multihop

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