Collision Free Scheduling and Rejoin Procedure for Multiple Cluster Tree in 802.15.4 Sensor Networks

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In 802.15.4 sensor networks, scheduling mechanism is mandatory to counter act collision and overlapping of data transmissions. An efficient scheduling mechanism should improve the network performance significantly. In this paper, we propose a collision free scheduling and a rejoin procedure for multiple cluster tree in 802.15.4 sensor networks. In cluster tree approach, the cluster head (CH) is responsible for scheduling. The scheduling algorithm is designed efficiently to prevent data collision in which the CH schedules nodes with appropriate time slot considering the amount of data to be transmitted with regard to the time interval. In addition to the scheduling algorithm, an improved rejoin procedure is used which selects suitable parent considering link quality indicator. Through simulation results, the proficiency of our technique is proved. Our technique avoids collision and improves throughput. Similarly, our rejoin procedure conserves more energy and incurs low delay.
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802.15.4 Sensor Networks; Scheduling; Cluster Head (CH)

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