Queuing Aware Earliest Deadline First Scheduling for Cognitive Radio Network

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Cognitive features enable wireless communications to utilize unoccupied spectrum with the least interference to the existing users and solve the scarcity of spectrum. Scheduling policy design plays a crucial role to efficiently and fairly allocate the available spectrum in cognitive radio network. Fair scheduling can provide better opportunity to the users with lower priority, but will reduce the maximum achievable throughput. Therefore, enhancing the resource utilization for high throughput and make a compromising between the system throughput and fairness is a challenging issue. Moreover, accurate designing of medium access control frame structure is necessary with scheduling scheme in cognitive radio network. In this paper, a scheduling algorithm is developed for cognitive radio network to improve the secondary user traffic QoS in terms of throughput, delay and fairness. This method is based on Earliest Deadline First scheduling to preserve the QoS of all types of Secondary User traffics. The research focuses on downlink scheduling, and the basic allocated resource unit is time-frequency block. Simulation results, in different performance metrics, verify the proposed scheduler can guarantee fair resource allocation with no starvation occurred for non-delay sensitive applications.
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Admission Control; Cognitive Radio; Scheduling; Buffer; Delay; Flow Acceptance; QoS

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