Improved Token Based Resource Allocation Technique for Multi-Service Flows in MANET

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In mobile ad hoc networks (MANET), the resource allocation problem is overwhelming process. The variation in link quality in terms of availability, bandwidth and delay caused by node mobility and channel quality makes resource allocation is a challenging task. Hence in order to overcome these issues, this paper proposes a token based resource allocation technique for multi-service flows in MANET. In this technique, it is assumed that the nodes cycle has three states such as non-critical section (NCS), entry section (ES) and critical section (CS). During deployment, the node is in NCS state and after receiving the unique tokens it enters into CS state. The scheduler sends the resource request message in different queues using fuzzy based flow prioritization technique. If available resource exceeds the required resource, then the scheduler allocates the inelastic service similar to the available resource until inelastic queue gets empty. Then the token is passed to the queue that contains elastic service flows. Based on simulation results the proposed approach allocates the resources efficiently.
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Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET); Resource Allocation; Quality of Service (QoS); Power Consumption

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