Combining UML Class and Activity Diagrams for MDA Generation of MVC 2 Web Applications

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Model transformations are increasingly gaining attention in software design and development. Model transformation plays a key role in Object Management group (OMG) Model Driven Architecture (MDA) initiative. In this paper, we experience a high level modeling method based on MDA to generate MVC2 web model for an E-commerce web application. This idea is based on the fact that the source metamodel is composed by two metamodels which are:  the class diagram and activity diagram. In order to model the internal logic of a complex operation and accurately determine the input jsp page of an Action class and all ingredients of this class, we begin by identifying the operations in view to establish the activity diagram for each operation. After modeling, we implement the transformation rules. These rules are expressed in ATL transformation language. In our algorithm, we consider only the operations belonging to the two diagrams already cited. Practically, we transform only the operations that have an activity diagram and belonging to the class diagram. The MVC2 web model generated can effectively simplify the development processing with less time and cost.
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MDA; ATL Transformation; MVC 2 Web; E-Commerce; CIM; PIM; PSM; Metamodel

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