Image Compression Based on Crucial Region for Radiographic Weldment Images

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Radiographic images are generally of high volume. These images when stored occupy a lot of storage space and the transmission of them is also difficult due their large size. So reduction of size plays an important role in storage and transmission of images. To achieve this reduction, compression techniques are being widely used.  This paper focuses on the process of welding, Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding in specific, the generation and development of photographic film of weldments and also a novel method is presented, which is intended to reduce the size of the radiographic image developed, by applying lossless compression technique on the crucial regions of the image. The crucial regions of the image are automatically detected by using segmentation technique in the proposed method. After the detection of crucial regions, lossless compression technique is applied on them. The compressed data obtained along with some information of the image is transmitted to the other validated user for reconstruction of the original image. Apparently, the original image data can’t be understood by the third party during transmission, which makes this method to be used for secure transmission of data. The image reconstructed by this method will not have any loss of data in the crucial regions of the image but certain loss is present in the non-crucial regions. This method is tested on some images and their results are shown in the paper along with the compression rates. The results are also compared with other methods.
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TIG Welding; Radiographic Images; Huffman; Lossless Compression; Entropy

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