Fast ReRoute Technique in BGP with Secure Route Reliability Testing Algorithm

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This paper deals with the Fast Reroute technique which is the extension of the Route Reliability Testing (RRT) algorithm. The main issues of the BGP are link failure and untrustworthiness of the link and many more. In a network when the actual link fails the data will not be sent to its destination and which results in congestion and also increases the load of the network. To deal with these issues, in this paper we propose a Fast ReRoute (FRR) Technique in BGP, which helps when the primary link fails by finding an alternate link for the data. The main advantage of this of this proposal is while finding the alternate link the lowest post failure, traffic load across all the links into the account and also it is possible to decrease the data packet loss.  By simulation results, we show that the proposed rerouting technique reduces the packet loss and increases the throughput
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Route Reliability Testing (RRT); Border Gateway Protocol (BGP); Fast ReRoute (FRR) Technique

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