Dynamic Data Allocation in Distributed Database Systems: a Systematic Survey

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The developments in database and networking technologies and demand for increasing database sizes make distributed database systems (DDS) more important in modern society. The data allocation is a prominent issue in distributed database systems as the performance of the system is heavily depend on the data it accesses from different sites. Various algorithms have been proposed for data allocation in distributed database systems. Present paper explores the existing literature in which dynamic data allocation algorithm is used in distributed environment. A systematic study is applied to find as much literature as possible. A total of 31 papers were found suitable after defined search criteria. In order to derive useful findings from these papers, the data allocation approach presented in these papers are evaluated based on the various key parameters viz. performance efficiency, implementation technique, validation, usability, comparative analysis, and extendibility. This work is one of the first attempts to critically analyze such papers and suggests future research directions. The intension in the proposed work is to give a score for each data allocation algorithm proposed by the researchers based on the selected key parameters, but definitely not to criticize any research contribution by authors.
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Data Allocation Algorithms; Distributed Database System; Static Data Allocation; Dynamic Data Allocation; Soft Computing

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