Cross-Layer Based Routing and Rate Control Using Fuzzy Decision Systems in MANET

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In mobile ad hoc networks, the existing fuzzy based cross layer routing approach is a multi-level system that leads to overhead and their dependency leads to delay. Also considering the parameters such as number of hops and mobile speed for estimating link stability in the network is inefficient. In order to overcome these drawbacks, in this paper we propose fuzzy based cross layer routing in MANET. When the source wants to transmit the data to destination, it performs the fuzzy based optimal route selection process by considering the parameters such as path stability and bandwidth. The path stability is estimated based on available battery power, distance and link quality. Following the route selection, the destination node performs the fuzzy based rate adjustment to adjust the data transmission rate of source. By simulation results, we show that the proposed technique has minimum end to end delay and packet loss ratio.
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Cross-Layer; Rate Control; Fuzzy Logic; Routing; Stability

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