A Hierarchical QoS Routing Algorithm Based on VMN for MANET

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Since most emerging network services require specialized Quality of Service (QoS), QoS routing is an active and remarkable research area.  In this paper, a hierarchical QoS routing algorithm (i.e., HQoSRA-VMN) based on virtual mobile node (VMN) is presented. A routing path can be found rapidly by exchanging path information between VMNs without accurate topology information. We discuss the routing process and the implementing details of the presented routing algorithm. Finally, we evaluate the performance of HQoSRA-VMN through experiments, and the results show routing cost of HQoSRA-VMN is better than HDP protocol, and the number of mobile WAVE generated by HQoSRA-VMN is well satisfied with the QoS requirements of all source and destination nodes.
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Hierarchical Routing; VMN; QoS; Routing Algorithm; Mobile WAVE

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