A Reliability Framework of Component Based Software System Using Kal-Chan Path Selection Algorithm

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With the fast growing world and increasing needs of humanities the large number of complex software system needs to develop to satisfy the needs of all societies. For this the software system should be developed within the short time with good quality. Due to this, the software development process has been moved to the Component Based Software Development process (CBSD). This CBSD will reduce the time, resources and increase the quality of software systems. Generally software testing is performed to improve the quality of the system. But within the limited resources and time we cannot test entire complex software system. Software reliability is the important measurement to predict the quality of software systems. Many reliability models have been proposed to predict the quality of software systems. In CBSD, path based method is one of the technique to analyze the reliability of Component Based Software System (CBSS). Here we proposed one path based novel framework for reliability analysis of CBSS using Kal-Chan path selection algorithm. We hope that, our proposed framework will reduce the complexity of estimating reliability of the CBSS. Our framework is simple, accurate and also can apply to any complex CBSS.
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Path Based Reliability Model; Component Based Software System; Application of Kal-Chan Algorithm; Reliability Analysis of the CBSS; Architecture Based Modeling; Software Reliability Analysis; Reliability Analysis Framework

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