A Wavelet Based Scheme for Video Watermarking

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In rapid growth of network distributions of images and video, there is an urgent need for copyright protection against pirating. Different digital image and video watermarking schemes have been proposed to address this issue of ownership identification. This paper proposes a novel scheme for video watermarking scheme using discrete wavelet transform to protect the copyright of digital images. The efficiency of the proposed video watermarking technique is attained by two major steps: 1) Watermark embedding process and 2) Watermark extraction process. Before embedding the watermark into the digital video, the input video sequence is segmented into shots using well known shot segmentation technique. The segmented video shots are partitioned into number of frames for the embedding process. The proposed method renders the utilization of the grayscale image as a watermark to embed into the digital video sequence. The grayscale image is sliced into bit planes for analyzing the each bit of the image. Subsequently, the sliced bit plane images are permuted and each permuted watermark images are embedded into each frame of the segmented shots with the aid of the watermark embedding process. Then the recovery of the watermark is achieved with the help of the watermark extraction process. The experimentation results shows that the proposed video watermarking scheme provide better results with higher accuracy. The proposed scheme is robust against the various attacks such as frame dropping, frame averaging attack.
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Digital Video Watermarking; Discrete Wavelet Transform; Embedding; Extraction; Copyright Protection

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