Security and Peer Management of Query Routing Technique for P2P Networks

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In peer to peer networks (P2P), the existing literature work does not provide information about availability of node and peer failure prior to searching process. Also the routing process need to be secured so that it can be guaranteed that requested peer is trusted to allow resource extraction. Hence in this paper, we propose trust based query routing technique for P2P Networks .Among all the peers, the node with maximum trust value is elected  as cluster head. Cluster heads are mentioned as trust managers. Peer maintains a trust table from the   feedback of the cluster head by the resource requested peer and its updates. If the update signifies   that the node is accessible and trusted, the routing is performed. Else its echo time is verified again to decide the re-routing process. During peer node join or leave action, bootstrap technique is employed. By simulation results, we show that the proposed work offers secured and reliable routing.
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Peer to Peer Networks (P2P); Query Routing Technique; Cluster Head (CH)

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