The Optimized Wavelet Filters and Real-Time Implementation of Speech Codec Base on DWT on TMS320C64xx

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This paper presents, optimized wavelet filters using windowing techniques and linear optimization, which are used as mother wavelets for speech compression based on wavelets. Proposed design and real-time implementation of the optimized speech codec based on discret wavelet transform (DWT), was performed. The comparison tests between the proposed optimized wavelet filters and others wavelets based on CR, SNR, PSNR and NRMSE computation, confirm the efficiency of the developed wavelet filters. The real-time implementation using DSP/BIOS tool, on the TMS320C6416 fixed-processor shows that the encoding and decoding algorithms satisfy the real-time processing.
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Speech Compression; Discret Wavelet Transform; Quadrature Mirror Filter; Real-Time Processing; Real-Time Workshop; MTLAB/Simulink

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