Research on Image Processing-Based Accurate Measurement of Optical Microscopic Image

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Objectives: images taken by optical microscope are a window to the research of microscopic world. How to quantify the images collected is a more complicated issue. To address this issue this research proposes a microscopic image processing method. Method: first, studied the inherent distortion parameters of camera lens to determine the distortion factor and correct the image error, and then binarized the images to simplify graphs and used improved Canny edge detection algorithm to calibrate the image contour, and ultimately by comparison with the reference realized precise measurement of microscopic images. Results: the experimental results show that the cell contour can be accurately depicted in this way; the final calculated results of area are consistent with the actual value. Conclusion: this method can accurately measure images under an optical microscope, thereby having a high practical value.
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Image Processing; Microscopic Image; Distortion Correction

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