FPGA Based Real Time Wavelet Video Coding

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Digital Visual Interface (DVI) is gradually being applied to high quality and high resolution digital video signal transfer between graphic controller and digital display. There have been widespread applications of DVI interface. The valuable digital content, however, is vulnerable to unauthorized access during the transmission. This paper briefly explains the implementation of lifting wavelet  algorithms on FPGA and makes a comparative study of their performance. The design utilizes powerful design tool System Generator (SysGen) and Embedded Development Kit (EDK) for hardware-software codesign and integrates the dwt2d codec hardware as a peripheral to the Microblaze 32 bit soft RISC processor with an input from a CMOS camera and output to a DVI display and verified the results video in real time. The proposed algorithm will be implemented in a real time embedded system using Xilinx Video Starter Kit Board- Spartan-3a DSP 3400A Edition.
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Wavelet; FPGA; Vhdl; XSG; Real Time Video Processin

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