The Study on Multiple Document Automatic Summarization System

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Multi-document summarization is a technology of natural languages processing, which extract important information from multiple texts about the same topic according to ratio of compression. Multi-document summarization becomes new research spot withincreasing of information in internet. The system mainly includes crawler module which crawls news from SINA finance website, data cleaning module which excludes repetitive information and summarization module which implements the function of sentence extracting. The program is based on the database platform system MySQL and MyEclipse development platform, which has strong visual feature and has good user interface, and convenience for users learn and use. The program also uses JAVA language in JSP and Struts2 development technologies, in this way, the program can easily implement its functions in website pages. The system has perfect function which can be operated easily. The interface is simple and effective reducing the difficulty and complexity of the operation.
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Multi-Document Summarization; Nature Languages Processing; Sentence Extracting

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