Research of Two Key Techniques in Virtual Application Development

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VRML is mainly used to make 3D user interface and to control dynamic display in real-time state. Java is responsible for correspondence between Web browser and VRML scene, also for linkage with other information system section. Firstly, paper discussed VRML and Java combination, including VRML’s deficiency in creating real-time data input and output for peripheral equipment; adopting EAI to create Java Applet for the purpose of real-time data correspondence between external application program and VRML scene nodes. EAI technology strategies, EAI operation mechanism, EAI four kinds of possible accessing type and its event transmit mechanism etc. contents are detailed formulated. Secondly, paper discussed collision detection techniques theoretically, including polygon and non-polygon expression of collision model, collision model’s bounding box tree optimization, and query of collision. Then paper introduced VRML’s collision sensing technique and its Collision node’s syntax and application, mainly about speeding collision detection by using a simple model substitute. Finally virtual simulated an auto-door collision sensing application, trigged by Collision grouping node.
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EAI; Java Applet; Collision; Bounding Box

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