The Novel Model of Domain Ontology Matching and Merging in Semantic Web Service Based on Fuzzy Concept Lattice

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Ontology matching is committed to find a similarity between the semantically related ontology entities, these similarities can be used for a variety of tasks. The target of ontology merging is building a new ontology by the original two or more of ontology. Fuzzy concept lattice is a combination of concept analysis methods for the fuzzy logic and formal concept analysis. This paper presents the novel model of domain ontology matching and merging in semantic web service based on fuzzy concept lattice. Experimental results show that using fuzzy concept lattices to match ontology and merge ontology has improved significantly in the time and space complexity than the fuzzy set construction algorithm.
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Ontology Matching; Ontology Merging; Fuzzy Concept Lattices; Concept Lattice; Fuzzy Set

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