SaaS Intelligent Customization Model Based on Tenancy History

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SaaS (Software as a Service) applications have to be customizable to fulfill specific business needs of tenants. The tenant can customize with the same application more than once by using customization templates. Preservation of history tenancy metadata not only can contribute to the tenant mistakes recovery or as a starting point for next customization, but also can be used to adjust templates. In order to improve the convenience of on-premise customization, shorten the tenants’ customization time, improved QoS, we propose a method for adjusting template dynamically and propose the intelligent recommendation method based on tenancy history to support new tenants to deploy using information from existing deployed SaaS applications. The former method can adjust according to the update of tenancy history metadata, when the requirements of tenants change, the template update accordingly by analyzing tenancy history metadata from Graphic User Interface (GUI), workflow, service, and data layer. The updated templates will support customization in a cost effective way, in addition, can be provided to the Independent Software Developers (ISV) as a reference in next application upgrade. Finally, experiments show that template adjustment algorithm in the application is feasible and efficient.
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SaaS; Tenancy History Metadata; Customization; Adjust Template Dynamically

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