A Hash Function-Based RFID Authentication Protocol

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The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an automatic identification system, which is widely used for industrial and individual applications. Evolvement and benefits of RFID technology signifies that it can be low-cost, efficient and secured solution to many pervasive applications.
However, features of RFID systems present potential security and privacy problems. The ensuring strong privacy has been an enormous challenge due to extremely inadequate computational storage of typical RFID tags. In an effort to resolve these problems and protect the users from tracing and to support Low-cost RFID, in this paper, we propose an RFID security method that achieves all requirements based on a hash function and a symmetric key cryptosystem. In addition, our proposed method provides not only high-security but also high-efficiency.

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RFID; Authentication; Indistinguishability; Privacy; Security

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