Improvement Wood Computerized Tomography Images with Ultrasonic Wave Parallel Translation

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The ultrasonic computerized tomography (UCT) method presented in this paper is an improvement of the maximum likelihood expectation maximization (ML-EM) algorithm for wooden pillars. For the purpose of removing distortions in ultrasonic computerized tomography (CT) images of wood, this paper proposes ultrasonic wave parallel translation based on predicted ultrasonic paths technique for taking into account the skewing effect in reconstruction images. Time of flight (TOF) data and transmission paths of ultrasonic wave were predicted by considering the change in wave velocity based on the annual ring angle of wood. The predicted paths were used to reconstruct images of wood section, the accuracy of defect detection in wood can be significantly improved.
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Ultrasonic Computerized Tomography; Ultrasonic Wave; Anisotropic Acoustic Property; Parallel Translation

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