A Study on the Effect of Different Velocities on the Handover Delay in WiMAX Systems

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Mobile WiMAX is a wireless networking system based on the IEEE 802.16e standard. Currently, mobile WiMAX has a long handover delay that contributes to the overall end-to-end communication delay. Since the data transmission should be paused during the hard handover process, it causes handover delay in mobile communication. The handover delay makes severe degradation in system performance when implemented in real-time applications such as IPTV and VoIP. However, serving a large number of Mobile Stations (MS) in practice requires an efficient handover scheme which guarantees lower level of the handover delay, particularly within the mobility in the coverage area. Many factors are affecting the performance of the handover delay. In this paper, the study has been done on location management area based multimedia and multicast/broadcast handover and the modifying different velocity levels of Mobile WiMAX, by comparing the number of Cells and the size in the location area have shown how all these parameters within the simulation logarithm can affect the handover delay.
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Mobile WiMAX; Handover; Handover Delay; Velocity; Packet Loss; Target BS; Multimedia; Multicast

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