Rapid Parallel Computation of Point Multiplication for ECDSA Over Prime Field

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Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Standard (ECDSA) is used for smart applications and financial transaction on wireless applications. This ECDSA is implemented in two ways. One is ECDSA over binary field for hardware applications and another is ECDSA over prime field for software applications.  But these environments have a set of constraints during transaction period. They are limited memory space, lifetime, power consume, reuse and portability. So it is necessary to find out suitable implementations for ECDSA based on these constraints. This implementation has two important computation called as point addition and point multiplication. But the time complexity of point multiplication is higher than point addition. It takes high latency time compare to point addition. So it is necessary to find out suitable implementation for point multiplication. This article suggests a technique for point multiplication to reduce time complexity using parallel computation.
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Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Standard; Latency Time; Parallel Computation; Prime Field; Time Complexity

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