Vol 12, No 2 (2024)

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Solar Energy Optimal Grid Integration Through Machine Learning Techniques PDF
Aaqib Raza, Mohd Zuki Yusoff, Malhar Khan, Mazhar Hussain Baloch, Abdul Manan Shaikh, Sohaib Tahir Chauhdary 40-48

Azimuth Angle for Eight Cardinal Directions to Decrease Energy Imports in On-Grid Rooftop Solar PV System: a Case Study of Indonesia PDF
Alfin Sahrin, Imam Abadi, Ali Musyafa 49-63

Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting from Vibrational Disturbances in VAWTs: Experimental Design and Optimization PDF
Asaad Ali Dammed, Thaier J. Ntayeesh 64-73

Enhancing Energy Storage System Charging Controller for Smart Grids Stability: a Dragonfly Optimization Approach PDF
Mohammed Qasim Taha, Bamba El Heiba, Issa Cheikh Elhassene 74-80

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