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Accurate Multi-Turn Model of Induction Motors Under Stator Short Circuits and Phases Breakdown Faults

M. Rachek(1*), Y. Messaoudi(2), B. Oukacine(3), S. NaitLarbi(4)

(1) Department of electrical engineering, Mouloud Mammeri University, Algeria
(2) Department of electrical engineering, Mouloud Mammeri University, Algeria
(3) Department of electrical engineering, Mouloud Mammeri University, Algeria
(4) Agroalimentary industrie Tizi-ouzou, Algeria
(*) Corresponding author

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The aims of this paper is to present an accurate internal model rotating of induction machines based on the multi-turns electric circuit magnetically coupled. The multi-turns electric equations expressed in two different coordinate systems, combined with the mechanical equations leads to a differential system which is reduced using the windings connection matrices. The model can be used in unbalanced parameters conditions with Wye or Delta stator windings connection. A three phase induction motor was simulated under normal healthy, stator inter-turns short-circuits and phase breakdown operations.
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Induction Motors; Electric Multi-Turns Equations; Short-Circuits Diagnosis; Phase Breakdown

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