A New Design Approach of a Mixed Circuit by Using an Analogical Inverter

A. Zouyed(1*), K. Cheikh(2)

(1) , Algeria
(2) , Algeria
(*) Corresponding author

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This research work concerns a mixed ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) integrating both analogical and digital functions. The development of this type of integrated circuit is receiving a great deal of interest. In order to solve the difficulties related to the absence of common basic structure necessary to the conception of both types of function, we propose a simple technique based on the use of an inverter NMOS, configured for the analogical treatment. This approach is applied to a mixed circuit, which is a PLL. The comparison of the results obtained through behavioral and structural simulations confirm the interest and the efficiency of such a technique.
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Mixed Circuit; Design; Modeling; Behavioral; Structural; VHDL; SPICE

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