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Direct Torque Control Strategy Based on Constant Switching Frequency Applied in Current Source Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive

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The new direct torque control (DTC) strategy based on constant switching frequency of current converter fed (CSI) induction motor drive is presented. The goal of this work is to obtain better performances than exist in similar vector controlled drive, but with reduced control structure and its simpler implementation in the microprocessor system. Contrary to the direct torque control of CSI drive presented in the known literature without experimental results, proposed algorithm is based on constant switching frequency with modification of the inverter optimal switching table. With such a solution, problems detected under DTC using torque hysteresis controller are avoided (significant torque pulsations, requirement for filtering estimated torque and adaptation of hysteresis bandwidth in depend of motor speed). Performance analysis of the recommended control algorithm is tested by PC simulations and through implementation in the realized drive prototype with a standard thyristor type frequency converter.
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DTC; CSI; Induction Motor

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