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A New Space Vector Modulation Pulse Width Modulation Technique for an Optimal Total Harmonic Distortion of a Three-Phase Voltage Source Inverter Power System

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The voltage and current outputs of a power electronic converter contain high harmonic, especially when the required power operation point is less than the nominal one. The present paper proposes a new space vector modulation scheme to improve this harmonic content for the overall power range. This technique is based on an optimized distribution of the zero vectors during the sampling time. Firstly, a vector spatial approach of the voltage flux harmonic is analytically synthesized. Hence, the obtained flux harmonic trajectories are optimized somehow to minimize the distance between the gravity center of this trajectory and its origin, which gives the exact du- ration of the zero vectors. The obtained simulation and experimental results show an improved harmonic content of the output converter even for low modulation index and an enhanced converter current waveform. The results confirm the superiority of the proposed strategy compared to the previously developed.
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Source Inverter Inverter (VSI); Conventional Space Vector Modulation Pulse Width Modulation (CSVPWM); Random Zero Vector Distribution Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation (RZVDSVPWM); Modulation Index (m); Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

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