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Effect of Gas Injection on Performance and Economic Savings in an Integrated Diesel Engine – Thermoelectric Generator System

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This research evaluates the recovery potential, performance parameters, energy distribution, and economic savings of a stationary diesel engine operating with the injection of hydrogen gas and installing a thermoelectric generator as an energy recovery system in the engine exhaust. Four operational conditions were considered for the research development: 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%. The test engine operated with diesel and a mixture of diesel + hydrogen gas (H15%). The results show that the presence of hydrogen gas allows a 40.37% increase in the thermoelectric generator's net power, compensating for the TEG's low energy efficiency. Additionally, a reduction of 7.55% in the BSFC and 7.71% in the thermal efficiency is achieved. The addition of hydrogen in the engine allows the TEG to reach an electrical power generated of 74.27 W. The mixture of diesel fuel + H15%, and the integration of the TEG, allows for reaching a maximum thermal efficiency of 33.83%. The higher power recovered by the TEG due to the presence of hydrogen gas causes an increase of 28% in economic savings, which facilitates the economic viability of implementing this type of recovery technology.
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Thermoelectric Generator; Hydrogen Gas; Exhaust Gases; Energy Recovery

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