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Influence of Hydrogen in Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) Biodiesel Blends on Performance Parameters, Exergy Distribution and Emissions in Stationary Engines

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This study has evaluated the influence of hydrogen in a biodiesel fuel produced from palm oil residual material. For the development of the research, an analysis of the energy and exergy distribution, performance parameters, and emission characteristics has been carried out. The experimental tests have been carried out on a stationary diesel engine operated at three load conditions: 60%, 80%, and 100%. The engine has been fuelled with four types of fuel: D100%, POME5%, POME5% + 0.10 lpm and POME5% + 0.20 lpm, respectively. Overall, the POME5% fuel causes a 7.28% decrease in combustion chamber peak pressure and a 12.33% increase in engine BSEC. The results obtained show that the POME5% + 0.10 lpm and POME5% + 0.20 lpm fuel blends produce a 2.86% increase in peak pressure and a 3.86% decrease in engine BSEC compared to POME5% biodiesel. Additionally, a 4% and 3.72% increase in energy and exergy efficiency is obtained. The blends POME5% + 0.10 lpm and POME5% + 0.20 lpm allow a reduction of 11.72% and 12.73% in HC and CO emissions compared to pure diesel. The study shows that hydrogen can potentially encourage palm oil waste as a raw material in biodiesel production.
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Energy Analysis; Emissions; Exergy Analysis; POME; Performance

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