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Techno-Economic Assessment and Potential Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction of Standalone Solar PV and Hybrid Solar PV-Diesel Generator Systems in Fiji Islands

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The high cost of extending national grid to the highly dispersed Fiji Islands has made many locations to be without electricity. Therefore, techno-economic assessment of standalones (solar PV, diesel generator) and hybrid solar PV-diesel generator systems in four different regions of Fiji Islands have been carried out. The potential reduction in greenhouse emission of standalone diesel generator has been estimated and compared with that of the hybrid system. Solar radiation data for the four selected locations (Ba, Suva, Labasa and Rakiraki) have been fed into the Homer software for analysis. This study is a comparative study of the four selected locations. Only the current price of diesel of $0.8 and the mean radiation of 5.64, 5.13, 4.79 and 5.22 kWh/m2-day for the four selected locations, respectively, have been used thus there has been no variation in the value of these factors. It has been shown that Ba is the best location with the least levelized cost of energy of $0.4976/kW, while the highest levelized cost of energy of $0.5734/kW has been obtained for Rakiraki for standalone PV solar energy system. The obtained findings can be a useful guide to stakeholders in Fiji and the world at large for effective energy planning.
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Diesel Generator; Fiji Islands; Greenhouse Gas Emission; Hybrid Power System; Levelized Cost of Energy; Standalone Solar PV

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