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Studying Partial Discharge Currents of High Voltage Power Line Suspension Insulators

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The article presents the results of theoretical and experimental studies of one of the leakage current components. The nature of this component is determined by the action of partial discharges of suspension insulators of high-voltage power lines. A laboratory bench has been made for carrying out experimental studies. As a result, oscillograms of current and voltage across the insulator have been obtained. A replacement circuit for the processes of partial discharge currents flowing on the surface of an insulator has been developed. Based on the equivalent circuit, a simulation model has been developed in the MATLAB program. By comparing the results of the bench and simulation experiments, the adequacy of the simulation model has been evaluated. A spectral analysis of the characteristics of partial discharge pulses has been carried out. Spectral characteristics allow determining the required operating frequency range of the leakage current sensor.
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Partial Discharges; Leakage Current; Electricity Losses; Suspension Insulators; High Voltage Overhead Power Lines; Modeling; MATLAB Simulink

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