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Bifacial Photovoltaic (PV) Systems Performance Enhancement Using a Selective Surface Reflector

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Albedo enhancement is one of the techniques used to maximize the additional bifacial gain in energy. In this work, the potential of albedo enhancement under a tilt-roof mounted bifacial system is investigated by utilizing nanotechnology in a state-of-the-art surface reflector. For this purpose, we report on field data from a test bifacial system consisting of 24 same-size PV modules distributed among three sets, each consisting of eight modules. The first set of modules is mono facial, the second set is bifacial modules without a nano-modified reflector, and the third set is bifacial modules with the nano-modified reflector. In addition, the energy production of these sets was estimated theoretically under different sets of albedo and tilt angle values. Measurements and software simulations for the same sets were conducted and subsequently compared. This nano-modified reflector has resulted in a 36.56% increase in the original albedo value and a 2.8% boost in energy production. In this study, results suggest that bifacial modules with enhanced albedo are expected to produce 51.32% more than the original surface set for an entire year. Consequently, it may be concluded that albedo enhancement using selective reflectors could be an effective approach to significantly boost the extra gained energy from bifacial in the long term.
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Photovoltaic; Bifacial Modules; Simulation; Bifacial Gain; Nanotechnology; Cool Roof Paint

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