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Challenges of DC Microgrid Protection: a Comprehensive Study

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DC Microgrids have become a widespread phrase among scholars all around the world in recent decades. DC Microgrid is penetrating deeper into our conventional grid system, thanks to technology advancements and widely available DC renewable power sources and local DC demand. However, the DC microgrid's protection remains a major issue that must be addressed for it to be feasible and reliable. Another issue is the lack of established norms and regulations in DC Microgrid protection, which adds to the complexity of DC Microgrid applications. The current review study focuses on identifying numerous defects that can occur in the DC Microgrid, difficulties that are commonly experienced during its implementation, protective appliances used in the DC Microgrid system, and the number of protections schemes available in the literature. A literature review was also carried out to discover suitable grounding methods and protective devices needed to ensure that the grid-connected DC Microgrid maintains a constant power flow. Finally, recommendations are offered in support of additional research and testing to develop improved fault detection algorithms with faster fault clearance times.
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DC Microgrid; Grid Integration; Voltage Source Converter; Protection Schemes

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