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Feedforward-Feedback Based Adaptive Control Algorithm for Power Quality Improvement of Grid Integrated Photovoltaic System

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Integration of renewable energy systems such as wind and solar energy with the regular grid via inverters has shown to be a dependable approach for delivering end customers with consistent and high-quality power. Controlling and synchronizing generated power with the grid requires integrating the control algorithm in a Grid Integrated Photovoltaic (GIPV) system. A feedforward-feedback (FFFB) based adaptive control technique for the 3-stage dual-stage GIPV system is proposed in this research. The fuzzy logic controller is employed for DC-link voltage feedback control in the proposed feedforward-feedback adaptive control algorithm, and an additional feedforward loop is introduced to improve the GIPV system's performance. The efficiency of the suggested control algorithm in managing inverter operation while maintaining power quality is demonstrated. Furthermore, the system response of providing reactive power compensation, harmonic compensation, and load balancing for varied loads is explored using MATLAB and the Simulink tools.
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Fuzzy Logic Controller; Adaptive Algorithm; Photovoltaic; Converter; Grid-Integrated

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