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Thermal Performance Improvement of Solar Air Finned Collector Using Mirror Reflectors

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This work consists of an analytical study of a planar finned solar collector with high temperature suitable for solar drying. This collector is mounted by two flat reflectors in order to evaluate the thermal performance. Thermal balance equations are applied over each element of finned collector. From the FORTRAN numerical code, the optimization of the parameters such as channel height, fin spacing and mass flow rate is presented. Moreover, the air temperature at the outlet of the collector and the thermal efficiency without and with reflectors in optimal position are calculated. Therefore, the effect of adding solar reflectors on thermal performance is demonstrated. The obtained simulation results have been validated by comparing with the experimental results available in literature, where good agreement has been noted. On the other side, the optimal position of the two reflectors has been determined by numerical calculation, in order to reach a higher intensity of solar radiation falling on the finned collector surface. In addition, the results have indicated that the thermal efficiency of the finned collector without reflectors is lower than the one with reflectors in the optimum position for air mass flow rate of 0.03 kg/s, are 54.5% and 61%, respectively. The study shows that with the use of reflectors, more thermal energy is gained and the thermal efficiency of the collector is improved.
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Collector; Efficiency; Fins; Fortran; Reflectors

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