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Design and Implementation of a Four Switch Buck-Boost Converter for Off-Grid PV Applications

Carlos Robles-Algarín(1*), Deimer Sevilla Hernandez(2), Julie Viloria-Porto(3)

(1) Universidad del Magdalena, Colombia
(2) Universidad del Magdalena, Colombia
(3) Universidad del Magdalena, Colombia
(*) Corresponding author



This paper presents the design, modeling and implementation of a four switch synchronous dc-dc converter with non-inverted output, for applications in photovoltaic energy. Initially the mathematical modeling of the photovoltaic module is presented and then the design of the converter for a switching frequency of 300 kHz is shown in detail. The converter was modeled with a representation in block diagram of Simulink. The implementation was performed using a Teensy board, with which the PWM signals were generated, in order to control the four IRF3205 Mosfets with the IR2110 drivers. The simulation results show a good performance of the dc-dc converter, with error percentages between 0 and 0.0229% for the output voltage. With the experimental tests, a maximum efficiency of 92.77% was obtained for the Buck mode, while for the Boost mode, a value of 89.97% was obtained, which confirmed the good performance of the converter in an off-grid PV system that incorporates two 65 W modules and a battery of 12 V.
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Buck-Boost; DC-DC Converter; Photovoltaic Applications; Renewable Energy

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