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Control of Isolated Photovoltaic-Battery-Ultracapacitor Microgrid for Remote Areas

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This paper deals with a hybrid Photovoltaic generator-Battery-Ultra-capacitor microgrid system for remote areas. Indeed, the Photovoltaic generator is associated to a DC/DC converter for tracking the maximum Power from the PV panels. To ensure a continuous supply of the remote areas, storage systems presented by batteries and ultra-capacitor should be included in parallel to the photovoltaic generator. The Batteries-based storage system is used in the stay state. It is coupled to a bidirectional DC/DC converter to regulate the DC bus link and control the batteries state of charge (SOC). However, the ultra-capacitor-based storage system is used in the transitional regime to provide energy against sudden load fluctuations and protect batteries pack. Moreover, to ensure an AC supply in the hybrid system, a three-phase power inverter is connected to the DC bus link voltage given by the storage systems. For this, the AC output is controlled by a resonant proportional regulator. In this context, intensive simulations are carried-out prove the effectiveness of Hybrid Micro-grid.
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Photovoltaic Generator; Battery; Micro-Grid; Ultra-Capacitor; Power Inverter; Maximum Power Point Tracking

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